15 Jobs That Deal With Law


The legal field is a very rewarding and financially beneficial option for many people. However, it is a challenge to find great jobs, as you need to make sure that you get the proper training and understanding required. Some people may find this process a bit beyond their scope at first.

Thankfully, there are many different options available for you here. We researched 15 jobs that deal with law or work within the legal field. Each of these choices is quite interesting and should provide you with the kind of career path that makes the most sense for yourself and your needs.

Firm Secretary

Of the 15 jobs that deal with law, a firm secretary is perhaps the least understood or utilized. However, this option is attractive because it doesn’t require a lot of special training. That said, you may need to take a few courses to prepare yourself for the legal demands. After all, there are many possibly confusing elements that could impact your career.

Talk to a law firm near you to learn more about this potential career path. You can usually learn what they would like you to do and take various secretarial courses that will minimize your possible confusion. But, just as importantly, you can get the kind of better understanding that you’ll need to keep your career pointed in the right direction with ease.

Legal Researcher

Something many people may not realize about lawyers is that they typically have a team of well-paid but hard-working individuals preparing cases with them. These legal researchers typically handle the intensive research elements, finding laws and guidelines that help to guide lawyers and claims and minimize any confusion they may experience.

When considering the 15 jobs that deal with law on this list, it is essential to pay attention to particular training needs. Usually, you don’t have to have a law degree, though you should have some type of research-oriented training. Higher degrees also result in better payment, as well, which is an essential consideration if you want a great career in the legal field.

Lawsuit Lawyer

If you’re ready to jump right into a career as a lawyer, lawsuits may be an excellent place to start. Many different lawsuits are created every year and provide legal experts with a pretty broad range of possible experiences. In addition, working in this field lets you help people who have experienced severe troubles get compensation for problematic situations.

This option is a bit different than car accident lawyers or personal injury attorneys. For instance, you might not work with those who have been physically hurt. You might, instead, sue someone when their tree falls on your client’s house or if they spread rumors and slander about a person. This type of lawsuit requires a lot of careful protection and planning.

Injury Lawyer

Do you want to help people who have been wrongly injured by others? Then, you might find that becoming a personal injury lawyer is the best step for you. These professionals spend time examining a case, preparing evidence for a lawsuit, and doing what they can to keep their clients happy. As a result, they often get very high rewards and make good money when successful.

The most challenging part about this job is that you might end up having many cases at one time. Of all the 15 jobs that deal with law on this list, personal injury attorneys are often the busiest. So, make sure you’re prepared for that kind of time investment. If you can afford to do it, you’ll find yourself very financially rewarded in this career path.

Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents are one of the most common legal situations in the world. Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of car accidents occur. Those people in these accidents will need a high-quality auto accident lawyer who is ready to handle this demand and make life easier for those affected. This option is similar to personal injury but focused only on car accidents.

As a result, you’ll be able to research your cases more efficiently and fine-tune your evidence more quickly. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any precedents or other factors that are not related to car injuries. However, things like liability, personal injury payments, and various kinds of liability defenses will impact your cases, so make sure you understand them fully.


Do you want a legal job that doesn’t require a ton of training to complete? Unfortunately, there aren’t many available that don’t need some type of law degree. However, a bailiff is different. Compared to all of the 15 jobs that deal with law, this might be the easiest to get. Your duties will include handling documents and ensuring the courtroom is safe and protected.

You’ll also be responsible for handling people during cases, such as those coming to and from jail or prison cells. Again, special security-based training helps to improve your capabilities in this direction. Just as importantly, you will need a few short courses in court etiquette and how to handle yourself when in the facility. Thankfully, these should be easy to finish for most people.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate is often one of the most challenging legal fields. Conflicts between various parties can produce intense arguments and even spiteful behaviors. In this field, you typically need to have a strong mediating personality and the ability to work with many different people without difficulty. Patience is definitely a virtue in this career path, as you’ll be challenged many times by people who think they know more than you do.

As a real estate lawyer, you’ll work with many a realtor and real estate professional to produce high-quality legal protection that makes sense for your clients. Just as importantly, you’ll ensure that these types of transactions go down smoothly. Your main goal will be to ensure everyone is satisfied and to minimize conflicts of interest as much as possible. In addition, this field typically requires you to understand other legal elements, such as adequately defining property boundary lines and other factors you might not immediately expect.

Divorce Lawyer

These days, over 50% of all marriages end in divorces, some after less than 10 years. These complex legal situations put a heavy demand on the court system and often require a careful balance between each person’s needs in what can be challenging ways.

Thankfully, skilled divorce attorneys help to make this situation more tenable for those in this situation. They’ll take the time to fully understand their clients’ needs, balancing the demands of their profession with the concerns and issues that impact those going through a challenging divorce scenario.

Insurance Lawyers

High-quality insurance is not as simple as you might think. Many insurance providers struggle to produce high-quality policy options that make sense. Even worse, some firms may experience complications with their policies that require the help of a high-quality professional to manage correctly.

Thankfully, insurance lawyers can help by sorting through insurance law, discussing its impact on a company, and guiding coverage and policies. These steps often provide companies with the kind of policies they need and at prices that they can more easily afford, providing similar benefits to the other 15 jobs that deal with law on this list. Make sure that you research your options here and identify different career paths within this field that make sense for your needs.

Bankruptcy Help

When declaring bankruptcy, people need a caring and professional lawyer who understands their needs and is willing to fight for them. The challenges of this legal situation can be profound, and mistakes may impact a person’s financial future for years to come. Thankfully, you can find a career as a bankruptcy lawyer and help many people and businesses. These steps are often critical for large corporations trying to avoid long-term financial struggles.

You’ll help prepare each client’s bankruptcy case and give them insight into what they can declare and what they cannot. In this way, you can provide the insight needed to keep them focused on their case. Just as significantly, you can minimize any confusion or concerns that might occur. You can also help them appeal any potential bankruptcy denials they may experience. In this way, you can give them the best chance of financial success possible.

Accounting Lawyer

Many an accountant runs into troubling legal issues if they don’t handle their legal preparation properly. This situation can be frustrating and requires a careful approach, a clear mind, and a strong understanding of legal precedence. Thankfully, accounting lawyers can help these individuals get the help they need to stay out of trouble.

When researching the 15 jobs that deal with law, we found that this option often provided the most potential for those willing to work hard. Accounting law is tied up in many financial, legal situations and requires a profound knowledge of the law. You can make good money, yes, but you’ll also be challenged to provide great information that makes sense for your clients.


Many people get into the legal field with a heavy focus on becoming a judge. This option is a good choice for many people because it gives them the chance to make perfect money. However, of all the 15 jobs that deal with law, this may be the most challenging and time-consuming to prepare for as a person.

You’ll not only go through law school and have to practice law, but you’ll also have to get specialized training to become a judge. Your decisions will then affect the lives of many people and can be a heavy burden. But, if you have a cool head, a clear mind, and love to serve the public, becoming a judge may be right for you.

Payroll Protection

Payroll is a unique legal situation that requires a careful and detailed approach to get it right. Thankfully, you can usually find a legal career in this field. Of the 15 jobs that deal with law, this option is often one of the most stable and fascinating. There are always companies that need legal payroll protection and who are willing to work with high-quality legal pros.

This type of legal protection helps payroll services operate more smoothly and ensures that companies don’t suffer. You typically need to understand the various rules behind this type of legal situation and take the time to work with each company. For example, you can help them if they fail to meet payroll and need protection against angry employees demanding their money.


Do you want to help people who have been criminally affected by the actions of others? Are you into ensuring that people get the justice they need and that bad behavior gets punished? Then, you might want to become a prosecutor. This option is always in high demand and is something that can put you in the correct position to experience real success.

When choosing among the 15 jobs that deal with law, you need to find one that suits your personality. For example, being a prosecutor will require a strong attention to detail, a high desire to serve justice, and a strong need to protect the needs of others. These personality aspects provide the kind of help necessary to keep your career on point and focused in the right direction.

Defense Attorneys

Are you someone who feels awful when other people are impacted by criminal actions? Do you hate seeing people accused of crimes they didn’t commit and want to ensure that they are protected? Then, becoming a criminal defense attorney could be a good choice for you. This career path is challenging but rewarding and will give you many unique chances to thrive.

Each court that has a prosecutor also needs a defense attorney, as you can imagine. Your job will be to gather evidence to protect your client, find a defense that works for them, and do what makes sense for their needs. In addition, you will work with the prosecutor to create plea bargains, which might be necessary if your client simply has little to no chance of winning their case otherwise.

As you can see, there are many different choices when considering these 15 jobs that deal with law. Each has various offshoots and potential career paths that may suit you and your personality. So, why not research these options in more depth? You might find that they serve you perfectly. Talk to a local law school or your university to learn more about the training paths necessary to begin your career.

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