3 Benefits Of Online Education


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Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen believes that about half of all classes for grades K-12 will be taught online by the year 2019. With the incredible amount of technology available to us, it’s no wonder that several students are turning to online education. There are several different benefits of choosing to take classes online whether your child is in a STEM education program, a pre-law program, or any other specialized area of study available at his or her school.

Here are three of the best benefits of online education and why your child should consider it.

1. There are more programs

If your child is in K-12, there might be more classes available online than at their actual elementary, middle, or high school. Your child might have access to higher level math and English courses or different languages that are not available at his or her school. This variety of courses can better prepare them for college. By exploring these different courses, they can become a more well-rounded student and also start to think about what they want to pursue in college from an earlier age. Perhaps your child has considered trying out STEM education programs and wants to become an engineer in the future, or maybe he or she has expressed interest in majoring in a language. Access to these different courses can help them get a head start.

2. There is more flexibility in their schedule

Is your child someone who does better with less structure? Choosing to take their classes through an accredited online school can help them have more flexibility in choosing when to take their courses as long as they still meet their deadlines. This will also teach your child about time management and how to take responsibility for meeting deadlines, which are essential skills for college. Online learning allows for students to not have to worry about distractions, driving through traffic to get to school on time or have to get up early to take the bus. They can also have more time for the things they enjoy since some students won’t have to spend so much time commuting by choosing to take online classes. Students are also able to complete their assignments at their own pace, which 62 percent of parents said was a benefit of online schooling when it came to the ?2013 Trends in Online Learning? survey.

3. There’s more individual attention
As you can see, there are several benefits to online education. Has your child been thinking of switching to taking classes online? Comment and tell us what area of study they enjoy and would like to pursue in the future!

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