4 Great Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Active Learning Skills at Home


active learningActive learning is defined as a process that engages students or children in activities that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of group content. This is an essential skill for kids who hope to have successful educational careers and lucrative professional careers in the future.

Here are some excellent activities you can do with your kids at home to help improve their active learning abilities.

Reading fun stories

Reading aloud is great for both you and your kids. Not only will you and your child bond over these fun and fantastical stories, but their brain power will significantly increase as well. Reading to young children helps stimulate cognitive development, yet, sadly, only 50% of infants and toddlers are routinely read to by their parents. Don’t wait for your kids to develop a love of reading on their own; you could be waiting an entire lifetime. Start reading silly stories to your infants as early as possible.

Working on creative art projects

Letting your kids make a mess on the table might sound like every dinner you’ve had together, but there are actual benefits if you organize it a little better. Give your kids finger paint or silly putty and let them make a creative mess. After a few hours of mindlessly making a mess in your kitchen, they will actually start coming up with ideas on how to make their mess better or at least messier.

Doing puzzles and other fun problem-solving tasks

Working on fun puzzles and playing similar games with your kids will help with active learning as well. Even though your young children might struggle at first, if you keep working through tasks together they will soon develop the necessary skills.

Having discussions about various topics

Simply talking to your infants and toddlers about the world can help strengthen their brains and improve their learning ability. Even if their response to everything you say is infant gibberish, keep talking to them because they are beginning to learn how to comprehend what you’re saying.

For even more help improving the way your infants and toddlers learn, consider high-quality child care centers. These establishments can help with baby stimulation and toddler development. Contact Growing Room Childcare today to learn more.

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