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To get ahead in the business world, a college education is a quality that many employers search for in an applicant. For those who want to go into business, getting a Masters in Business Administration (or MBA) degree is a great option. However, many prospective MBA students are already working and may be discouraged if they feel that they do not have the opportunity to return to school.

Fortunately, plenty of colleges now offer MBA courses and other degree programs online, and these degrees can be just as affordable–if not more–than other, more traditional programs. For those who prefer to meet with an instructor but may require a more flexible schedule, there are also hybrid programs that have courses both online and in the classroom (usually meeting only once per week). In fact, many of these programs offer financing options that will ensure that you receive an affordable online MBA. You can search for information about MBA courses online, but here are some perks to online and hybrid degrees and getting an MBA or other advanced degree.

1. With the endless possibilities of technology today, getting an online degree provides students with a ton of options. There are many different programs and emphasis courses you can choose from to complete an MBA degree. For example, if you have an interest in healthcare, finance, marketing, or technology, many schools will offer MBA programs in these concentrations. These courses can be taken online or in the classroom, and nighttime classes are typically available for those who work during the day to allow for extra flexibility.

2. Speaking of flexibility, online and hybrid degrees can allow for almost complete autonomy when it comes to scheduling. This way, those who have fluctuating hours at work or responsibilities at home can finish classwork on their time. Some schools allow students to stay on track with weekly video chat sessions, even at top schools such as Columbia University. There, students can earn various online degrees through the school’s video network (CVN), and these are identical to the degrees received on campus. No matter what option suits you, there are plenty of course available to help you succeed.

3. Online degrees may sound “easy,” but they are just as much work as traditional degrees. Those who want to apply to business school typically need a median GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 in order to receive admission to the top business schools in the United States. Fortunately, a 2009 study from the Department of Education reported that students who take some or all courses online tended to perform better than their traditional peers, who did not take any courses online. With an online degree, not only is a high GPA possible with the right amount of effort, but it’s also an experience that looks good on a resume. Employers know about MBA courses online and the amount of work they require, so completing an online degree is just as rewarding as a traditional one.

Don’t let a full-time job or tuition costs discourage you from pursuing your education. There are plenty of affordable online degree programs, including those for MBAs, and they can provide you with as high quality an education as the most expensive degrees. (After all, high price doesn’t mean a better education, and some schools simply cost more without offering any quality in return.) Find out about MBA courses, accredited online MBA programs, and other degree options near you today, and take the next step in getting ahead in your career.

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