Are You in the Process of Finding the Right Preschool for Your Child?


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Your youngest daughter was more than distraught when you forced her to go to bed last night. In fact, last night your daughter was crying because you would not let her sleep with her Halloween candy in her room. Through her tears she cried, “I’m going to count it in the morning and if there aren’t 74 pieces, I’m going to scream!”
Many things about parenting can be difficult. From laying down the Halloween rules to making sure that you find the right preschool, parenting takes attention to detail and always looking for the right answer. And while the Halloween candy rules are short lived, other decisions like making a preschool selection last a lifetime.
For many parents, making a decision about a preschool is one of the first and most important decisions that they make. For instance, understanding the reasons why private schools are better than many public school options can help parents make the best decision. Finding the right private schools, in many parts of the country, is the only way that parents can be confident they are going to give their children the best possible start.
Consider some of these reasons why private schools are better than the public school options in many parts of the country:

  • 96% of all private schools in the year 2011 and 2012 were coeducational, while only 2% enrolled all girls and 2% enrolled all boys.
  • 33,619 private schools in America serve more than 5.4 million prekindergarteners through seniors in high school.
  • Private school curriculum can help even the youngest children get off to the right start.
  • Although there are many advantages of private schools over public schools, one of the most important is the size of the classes. In fact, 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students.
  • 60% to 80% of private school teachers have an advanced degree.
  • Private school extracurricular activities include everything from dance to soccer lessons.

Finding the best preschool for your child is an important parenting decision. It is a decision that is worth the patience and the time that it takes. Although it is important to find the right school, it is also important to know that you may have to visit several schools before you find the right fit.

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