Aspiring Tattoo Artist? Follow This Advice to Ensure a Successful Career


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As tattoos grow in popularity and acceptance, the tattoo industry continues to thrive and attract more and more aspiring tattoo artists. Tattooing is a very specific art form that requires a great degree of skill, attention to detail and a strong work ethic. The road to becoming a tattoo artist is not an easy one, and only those who are willing to work hard under stressful conditions will be successful. So what do you need to do to become a successful tattoo artist today?

  1. Take Art Classes- First and foremost, aspiring tattoo artists need to develop their drawing skills. Tattooing is an art of precision, and your work should reflect this quality. If you do not currently have great art skills, you need to take art classes to perfect your drawing abilities. You also need to practice drawing all the time. Even after you finish art classes, continue sketching different subjects on a daily basis until you perfect your skills as an artist.
  2. Start Building a Portfolio – Once you reach the necessary skill level, start working on your portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase your best drawings and should span a wide variety of subjects. Don’t just focus on drawing one thing. You need to show that your abilities are diverse and that you are capable of drawing anything. Make sure to find a professional looking art binder to keep your drawings in, and be sure to sign each drawing before adding it to your portfolio.
  3. Get an Apprenticeship – In order to become a tattoo artist, you first need to become a tattoo apprentice. Tattoo apprenticeship programs are not easy to acquire, which is why it is essential to develop strong artistic abilities before seeking one out. You should know that apprenticeships are not easy. You will take on a number of different tasks for your tattoo master, including cleaning, answering phones and running errands, in exchange for learning the art of tattooing. You do not get paid during an apprenticeship, so you will likely need to find another job on top of it. While the apprenticeship process is not an easy one, it is necessary for learning all the skills needed to work successfully in a tattoo shop. The apprenticeship will go on for as long as your tattoo master deems necessary.
  4. Attend Tattoo Trade School – While an apprenticeship is typically necessary in order to become a tattoo artist, tattoo trade school is an alternative. Tattoo trade schools are becoming more popular, and they can provide a more secure career path to becoming a successful tattoo artist. Apprenticeships have no set guidelines or timelines, so you may have no idea how long you could be an apprentice. Tattoo schools have structured programs with instructors who know exactly what you need to learn in order to make it in the tattoo industry.

These steps are necessary for anyone hoping to become a tattoo artist. Follow this advice, and you will be well on your way to fulfilling your dream of making it in the world of tattooing.

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