Business, Psychology Or English Which Degree Should I Choose?


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It’s hard working a job that doesn’t fulfill you or pay the bills as easily as you’d like. When you have children to take care of and loans to put a dent in, every little bit can turn the tides and make your life easier. If you’ve considered getting an adult education, look no further — from a Master of business administration degree to a communications degree, there have never been more options for you to spread your wings and thrive. If you need a place to start check out the list below for some of the most popular degrees, the common benefits of a higher education and which field might suit you best.

Common Degrees

One of the most common questions asked by people of all ages and backgrounds is whether or not the degree they’re pursuing can find them a good job once their studies have wrapped up. Studies have seen 6% of all college grads majoring in Psychology or a similar study, with another 11% pursuing history. English remains particularly popular, especially for its ability to be both useful stateside as well as worldwide. Last, but not least, a Master of business administration degree is one of the most widespread fields available.

Common Statistics

Did you know almost 90% of employed, college-educated Millennials worked full-time back in 2013? The following year saw another 21 million students attending either a college or a university, making that English program you’ve been eyeing or family studies degree a more viable option than ever before. English majors with only Bachelor’s degrees reported average starting salaries of $36,000 or so, with mid-career salaries of nearly $64,000.

Better Pay

Many seek out a degree so they can achieve better pay and, subsequently, better support their families, friends and livelihood. A 2012 Pew Research report saw workers with at least a Bachelor’s degree making a median annual earning of nearly $46,000 — compare this to people with only some college at $30,000 and a high-school diploma at $28,000. If you think about it, not going to college will cost you half a million dollars in the long run when you take into account average additional wages, fee and more intensive minimum wage labor.

More Options

Have you always wanted to publish a book? How about launch your own independent business? This is better achieved with the aid of a degree, be it a Master of business administration or psychology degree. Employers are more likely to seek out people who have already attempted to put their foot in the door, particularly since the market is growing more competitive by the day. A Master of business administration degree can even kill two birds with one stone, helping you get a better job while also assisting you in personal entrepreneurship.

Pursuing Higher Education

When it comes down to it, pursuing a higher education is pursuing a better future for you and your family. You’ll make more money, have more options available to you and will be well on your way to securing future endeavors like independent business, your children’s education and a solid retirement plan. The average hourly wage for college graduates is nearly $32 and Americans with four-year degrees made 98% more on average than those without. Does this sound like your kind of plan? Then check out your local community college or university and ask them about financial assistance or student loans. Your future self will thank you!

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