Card Games for Counseling are Gaining in Popularity for Stress Therapy with Children


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It may sound a bit unbelievable but it’s been reported that children routinely spend close to 15,000 or more hours engaged in play by 6 years of age. 15,000 hours invested in anything is a substantial amount of time and it will obviously have some kind of impact and influence.

Therapists and other medical professionals have sought to use this extensive time put into play as a progressive form of therapy. Over the years, they have determined that this kind of therapy works best when applied to those that fall in the three to twelve-year-old age bracket. Even though it’s still fairly new to some, various kinds of play therapy have assisted children in sharing their thoughts and communicating in non-verbal ways for more than 70 years.

For example, card games for counseling have been helping in dealing with children who are having some kind of anxiety or mental issue. It can be difficult if you are trying to get them to express their problems verbally so certain play therapy strategies, such as card games for counseling, have helped to break through these barriers.

Card games for therapy have multiple benefits such as dealing with anxiety-provoking situations. Counseling card games for children have shown to be one of the many effective therapy tools for children that can eventually help them to open up and get more out of their therapy sessions.

Therapeutic card games
, like the icebreaker card game, can aid the process of helping the many school-aged children who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental problems. The real benefit of playing the icebreaker card game is that it gives them a certain level of comfort that may not otherwise be achieved, especially if it’s a case where the child does not want to talk.

Stress card games are implemented in a way that makes the therapy session feel more like play versus counseling. As a result, the child is put at ease and is made to feel much more comfortable.

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