Common Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Dual Credit High School Courses


dual credit high school courses onlineThere’s a reason why online schooling options are becoming more and more viable for students worldwide. In the latest Global Shapers Survey, 77.84% of respondents around the world reported having taken online courses, and in the same survey, 40.5% of respondents said online education is as strong as traditional learning in a classroom. Dual credit programs are just one way students can prepare for college while continuing to work at their own pace. However, it’s critical to do your homework before choosing the right dual credit high school courses online. Here are some simple mistakes to avoid when registering for and completing dual credit high school courses online.

Not Researching the Learning Institution
Ensuring a reputable online education program is essential before registering for any specific classes. You need to make sure any and all classes you take can be completed for college credit and are derived from accredited institutions. There are countless programs offering free online schooling, but you may have to browse several before finding one that is accredited. If you skip this step, you may soon realize that the program is severely lacking in education quality, or worse, the credits may be non-transferable.

Not Ensuring Adequate Time
While online courses do typically allow students to work at their own pace, it’s important to ensure that their scheduling won’t interfere with any of the student’s existing academic obligations. This also includes extracurricular activities such as participation in sports and clubs. If the student is worried about being able to handle all of these academic and social obligations, it may be better to take the class over the summer or at another time.

Not Giving Your All
Finally, it’s important to address that while taking dual credit high school classes online is certainly well-received by college admissions professionals, the grades themselves are also taken into consideration. It shouldn’t be seen as simply a pass or fail opportunity. Instead, students taking accredited online high school courses should be fully aware of the weight these grades will hold and how they can truly affect the student’s college admissions status, for better or for worse.

Ultimately, avoiding these mistakes can ensure that your student makes the most of all virtual high school opportunities. For more information about Nevada online high schools, contact Argent Preparatory Academy.

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