Continuing Education Offers an Invitation to Success


Unm continuing education

Continuing education, or adult education is comprised of a gambit of learned activities, such as basic skills training, apprenticeships, courses pertaining to work, courses of personal interest, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and part time college degree programs. Adult continuing education had a participation rate of 44 percent in 2005 (according to the National Center for Education Statistics). When the numbers are inspected through a demographic lens, Caucasian and African American citizens had higher rates of participation in continuing education programs than Hispanic individuals.

New Mexico continuing education offers an invitation to learn what you have always wanted to learn. If you have always wanted to take up photography, learn how to bind books, play an instrument, write fiction, swim, or any other activity, art, hobby, or physical activity, you have the opportunity with Unm continuing education. Along with courses of personal interest, continuing education UNM also offers required courses like drivers ed, drunk driving education and programs specific to certain jobs (if certification is needed, etc.). Learning ESL is possible with such community programs. Immigrants to America can go to classes and learn how to speak English, which opens up the potential for many more jobs, opportunities, and ease of everyday life.

With adult community education, people can better themselves, become more knowledgeable, earn proper certificates, and learn how to speak English (or other languages) for reasonable prices and in relatively short periods of time. As opposed to enrolling in a 4 year school, someone could take a community course over the Summer and leave with just the knowledge they were hoping to attain for around $100 to $150 and in a matter of two months. What continuing ed does for the community is provide hope, opportunity, knowledge, employment and, ultimately, empowerment.

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