Employers with Onsite Childcare Why Your Company Should Invest in Onsite Care


Childcare in the workplace

It has been proven that employers with onsite childcare adds to the desirability of the company by potential employees, and is also an important factor in retention rates. With nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 in some form of daycare or childcare situation, it may be in your company’s best interest to consider creating onsite childcare.

Onsite corporate daycares can result in better productivity, lower absences, and better retention rates. Best of all, there are companies that specialize in implementing and running onsite daycares in corporate settings. The benefits of using a private day care service to manage your onsite childcare often outweigh running it yourself. Here are a few reasons why employer sponsored childcare can help your business:

Happier Employees
As briefly mentioned above, employees are often happier overall when employers with onsite childcare. They are more likely to attend work (and remain with that company), and often this leads to a more well-rounded and productive employee. Why? Most often, employers can offer discounted rates on childcare with in-house programs. Also, the employees child can be dropped off and picked up without an additional commute, saving the employee traveling expenses, and also ensuring their child is moment’s away, should they become injured or ill.

Learning Effectiveness
Utilizing a private day care to run your workplace-funded childcare service takes the burden off or your company to care for and teach the children being watched. Proven day cares with successful learning programs will make employees more likely to take advantage of your services, even if they have free options at home.

Trusted Management
Opting for a daycare implementation and management company that has proven success in childcare management will allow your employees to feel safe dropping their children off every day. This level of security is crucial in establish an onsite daycare that your employees will want to take advantage of.

Employers with onsite childcare options make life much easier for
employees with children. Utilizing a successful daycare implementation and management company within your business will ensure your employees’ children receive the highest level of safety and care, while increasing employee happiness at work.

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