Enumerable Advantages to Preschool Education


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The advantage of preschool education and elementary school enrichment programs to childhood development are extensive. Not only does preschool education prepare a child academically for their education, it also allows them social preparation. The preschool advantages versus disadvantages actually have much more initially to do with socialization than academics.

Both crucial to childhood development, socialization and academics go hand in hand. But socialization must be learned for functional academic learning. A child does not have to be a social butterfly necessarily to excel in academics. They do however need experience with interaction to feel comfortable enough around their peers and instructors.

Children who do not attend preschool have been shown to have lasting social issues once they get to elementary school. This will inhibit their growth as a person and as student. Preparing a child socially for schooling allows them to better adopt to their environment amongst peers and has been shown as imperative to developing a child’s personality.

The preschool advantages versus disadvantages stems beyond social preparation for interaction with other children. It also extends to how they interact with their teachers. How a child interacts and respects their teachers determines how well a child focuses and subsequently learns.

There are both public and private elementary schools offering preschool programs to ensure your child is prepared for kindergarten. Both offer the social advantages of preschool, but private schools tend to have smaller class sizes, something to consider if you feel your child needs more one on one time with their instructor.

The preschool advantages versus disadvantages are quite profound. A child used to an academic environment is much less likely to be distracted by fellow students than a child who is not. This affords them greater focus and understanding. Children also take from preschool experience interacting with adults other than their parents. There is even elementary school financial aid available to extend to all school children the tools needed to embark on a successful academic career. This is a great source for more.

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