Find Great Private Schools for Your Child


Parents are always invested in the education of their children, since a good education is the key to any child’s future. Thus, when a family moves to a new area or when the child becomes old enough for kindergarten, parents may search for the best private grade schools if they can afford the tuition, or else look for high quality public schools instead. The advantages of private schools over public schools are many, although parents may take comfort knowing that excellent public schools can sometimes be nearly as good as private ones. In fact, a number of highly successful and wealthy Americans are public school grads rather than private schools grads.

Either way, parents may look online for schools if they moved to a new city, county, or state, such as “best private elementary schools. private elementary education” to find a good school for their child, and such a search can and should be refined with specific details such as “best private elementary schools. private elementary campuses nearby” or “best private elementary schools. private elementary schools in Miami FL”. In fact, a search such as “best private elementary schools. private elementary campuses” can include the client’s ZIP code to further refine the search and keep the results local, especially in large cities with many schools in them.

Finding a Preschool

This applies to preschools, too. While preschool is not compulsory, many parents are sending their children aged three to five to preschool to give them a head start on their education. Some preschools are in fact private and well-funded, which middle- and upper-class families may appreciate. When a family moves or if the child becomes three or four years old, the parents may look online for these schools and refine the search using their city/town name or their ZIP code. Among all nearby schools accepting new students, the parents may visit several of these schools and evaluate them, getting an impression of the campus and consulting the teachers there. A good school is well-funded, has good parent reviews, and has a highly qualified staff. The parents may also bring their child along, so that potential student may get their own impression of the premises and staff. If the child likes the school and gets along with the teachers, that school is a fine candidate, and parents may soon find the right school for their young child.

Finding Middle or High Schools

Something similar may be done to find a K-12 school for a child when a family moves to a new area, or when that child becomes old enough for kindergarten. The parents may look online for this too, but they’ll have even more options. And what is more, the prospective student will be old enough to voice his or her preferences in a school and what they think of the schools that they visit. The child may be looking for a middle or high school that offers a dedicated art program, or perhaps particular and well-funded sports teams for soccer, volleyball, or even baseball or swimming or track. These older children may be looking for a debate team, a musical band class, or college prep services, too.

Many parents may find themselves choosing between private or public schools. Public schools are the majority, being federally funded and run. By contrast, private schools are about 25% of all American schools and are privately owned, funded, and run, hence the name. These schools charge tuition for students, but families who can afford this may appreciate how well-funded these schools are and the high-quality staff on hand. For one thing, the counselors working at private high schools may spend nearly 55% of their time on college counseling for students, which is a higher percentage than what public school counselors can offer. What is more, teachers at private schools report low incidents of student apathy or a lack of parental involvement, much lower percentages than what is found at public middle or high schools.

All the same, a high quality public school may be quite adequate for many families, and whether private or public, a good school is one where the new student is socially accepted and can easily make friends. The student should also be adequately and properly challenged by the coursework.

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