Finding the Right School For Your Child


Given how a quality education is the key to any child’s future success, all parents are greatly invested in finding good schools for their children. This means that when a child is old enough for preschool (aged three to five), the parents will look up the best pre-K schools and programs in the area. The best preschools may be private ones, or well-rated public ones in some cases. And when a child is ready for kindergarten, the parents will look up the best elementary schools in the area, which may end up being private schools. A parent may look up “private elementary schools in miami”, for example, or even add their ZIP code to a query like “private elementary schools in miami.” When it comes to school, parents have all sorts of options, and the Internet makes a school tour easier to organize and perform. And what about the difference between private and public schools, anyway?

Finding Preschools

Attending preschool is not mandatory in the United States, but many parents are sending their young children to pre-K programs all the same. From 1990 to 2008, the percentage of households sending their children to preschool rose quite a bit, to reach the high levels we know today. How to find them? When a family’s child turns three or four years old, or when the family moves to a new city or county, the parents may consult the Internet if they don’t already have some private references to use. A search should include the city/town’s name, the client’s ZIP code, and whether they want to find private or public preschools for their child. This may result in a list of schools, and parents may strike out unsuitable ones and tour the rest in person with their child.

At each preschool, the parents and child alike may form a fair impression of what the school is like, and see if the child feels comfortable there. Meanwhile, the parents can also review what sort of programs the school offers for its young students, and the parents may also check out the school’s level of funds. And of course, the parents will consult the teachers there and review their credentials, such as work experience, educational background, and any awards or recognition that they may have. The family may tour a number of preschools this way until they determine which is best, and enroll their child there. It may be noted that private preschools are privately funded and run, and charge tuition, but that’s in exchange for strong funding and expert staff.

Other Schools

Attending elementary, middle, and high school is certainly mandatory, so when a child is ready for kindergarten or when the family moves to a new area, it is time to look up local K-12 schools of the correct type. The online search should be specific so that the clients may find the right sorts of schools, such as entering the desired school type, private vs public, and the city/town name and ZIP code. Entering “private elementary schools in miami” is a fine example, or “top rated private elementary schools in miami.” The parents might look for “best public high schools in coral gables” for an adolescent child of theirs. And as with a preschool search, this will bring up a list of local schools, and the family may tour them.

The parents will get a fair impression of the school, and consult the staff to review the credentials of each teacher and look into the school’s level of funding. The child may explain later why they did or did not like a school, and the child may be looking for specific programs such as a swim team, football team, art programs, a marching band, or the like.

Private schools may appeal greatly to families who can afford them. These privately run and funded schools charge tuition, but in exchange, they offer strong funding and a top-tier education at the hands of expert staff. Private high schools offer more college counseling than public ones, and over 90% of private high school graduates go on to college. Still, a highly rated public school may be nearly as good in some cases, and parents can find them during a meticulous school tour in the area.

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