Fire Rated Rolling Shutter


Fire can cause great destruction and devastation to any business. And if your manufacturing company’s factory or warehouse still doesn’t have a rolling fire door installed, you should watch this video. You’ll discover how it can help add protection and safety not just for your products but for your factory workers as well.

The fire-rated rolling shutters available from Avians Innovations Technology Pvt Ltd may look and operate similarly to traditional single-skin rolling shutters. However, the type of fixing and material used is different.

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These shutters are designed to offer a better level of protection for your property in case of fires.

These rolling shutters are optimally designed to prevent fire from spreading to adjacent areas in the building. They will remain open under normal conditions and automatically close if it detects fire. At 68 degrees Celcius, the fusible integrated links will melt – immediately triggering the rolling shutters to automatically close.

The rolling shutter type for openings that need a two to four-hour fire rating uses advanced technology. Its design meets the European Standards/CBRI/British Standard/FM Global specifications. You can even integrate the rolling shutters with touchless entrance mechanisms. These control solutions can be proximity cards or face recognition. They can effectively lessen the likelihood of contact while also helping comply with safety standards in high-risk areas.

In this video by Avians Innovations Technology Pvt Ltd, you’ll see just how a rolling fire door can be an excellent installation to your warehouse or production facility.


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