From Preschool and Beyond, Why a Private Education Matters


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If your child is about to start preschool, it may seem far fetched to already be thinking about their academic future, particularly college. But the truth is, it’s never too soon to start prioritizing education for your child.
Even the affects of children attending a good preschool have a huge impact on his or her academic future. Check out these stats:

  • Children who go to preschool achieve higher grades in math and reading in kindergarten by 21%, as compared to children who do not go to preschool.
  • When three different studies were reviewed, it showed that 80% of the children who attended preschool programs outperformed their peers who did not attend early education programs.
  • Given these statistics, it’s easy to see how crucial a good education is for your child’s future. And it doesn’t end here. When children move on to private middle school and private high school programs, they are more likely to excel in a number of areas. For example, students that attend private high school are more likely to excel in standardized testing such as the SATS. In fact, research says that private school students score an average of fifty points higher on each math, reading, and writing section.
    But why else should you consider private school for your child’s future? Here are a list of reasons:

  • Private schooling creates equal opportunities to learn. Because there are dress codes and small class sizes, students do not see one another through the clothing that they wear or the cliques that they hang out with. Rather, the student body is small enough to come together as a family and treat one another with respect. This makes for a much better learning environment.
  • Speaking of class sizes, a small class size makes a big difference. When class sizes are smaller, students are better able to cultivate meaningful academic/professional relationships with their professors and the school faculty, leaving the lines of communication open. This helps students feel more comfortable in these learning environments.
  • Ultimately, private school enrollment enables students to do better, engage with more rigorous schoolwork and extracurricular, and gain confidence in their schoolwork. This will all help students gain access to the best universities, and ultimately careers that will leave them both happy and fulfilled.

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