From required Certification Courses to Learning a New Art Form, Continuing Education Can Help


Continuing education

UNM continuing education gave me the tools I needed to get ahead. I had a laundry list filled with goals and necessary certifications that I had to achieve and I was not sure how I was going to go about getting everything I needed. A friend of mine suggested I look into adult continuing education. Continuing education unm offers is affordable, convenient and gave me the skills I was in need of.

UNM continuing education offers all sorts of classes. In my case, I needed to take a defensive driving course, become food safety certified and I have always wanted to take up photography. I was able to get all of that out of the way through UNM continuing education for under $500.

Along with the courses I took, they offer accredited courses and GED programs if the academic route is the way you must travel. In the comfort of your own New Mexico community, you can learn almost any skill or trade imaginable.

My defensive driving teacher was quite the character. He was quirky, but unbelievably knowledgeable and a skilled driver. I felt like I was in great hands taking the class under him and I would recommend his class to anyone who needs to take defensive driving, whether you need to get your license, or traffic violations have mandated you take it.

UNM continuing education offered me a second chance. A second chance to get back on my feet, back on the road. A second chance to make something of my life. My decision to learn under the New Mexico continuing education program was the decision that led to my current success and comfortable life I live.

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