Get back on track with UNM continuing education


New mexico continuing education

Are you an adult interested in going back to school and are looking for a unique and diverse learning environment? The University of New Mexico, founded in 1889, has more than 30,000 students and offers a host of programs and majors including engineering, business, medicine and law. UNM continuing education offers students educational training and personal enrichment opportunities. New Mexico continuing education has played a major role in community service and outreach for , with a focus on economic and workforce development. When trying to determine the right choice for you as you search for a way to continue your education consider your reasons for continuing education UNM. There are many choices out there, and some will fit your personal and career goals better than others. UNM continuing education recognizes that there are no one size fits all programs out there but there are solutions for working adults returning to school seeking a degree. New Mexico continuing education has a mission to lead and collaborate with the community and within the University to develop concepts, strategies, and delivery systems which generate relevant lifelong learning opportunities for a diverse, evolving society. UNM continuing education strives to enrich the personal and professional lives of people through quality, creative and innovative learning experiences. It is the goal of any UNM continuing education program to benefit both businesses and workers. Businesses support continuing education because it sustains a highly skilled and specialized workforce. It builds a skilled network that is able to perform a variety of tasks. And workers benefit by receiving New mexico continuing education because it makes increases skill sets and makes them more valuable in the workplace. Those who have received New Mexico continuing education are more likely to receive promotions, earn more money, enjoy work and gain more power in the job market. Even more, adult continuing education allows workers to understand the purpose of and goals of their chosen occupation. It also helps businesses set standards and determine what skill sets to look for in employees. Find out how New Mexico continuing education can work for you.

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