Give the Gift of a Second Language This Holiday Season


Elementary school spanish curriculum

Do you struggle with what to get the children in your life this holiday season? Children can be difficult to purchase for, because it seems like they already have everything. They probably have an entire play room of all of the latest toys. Most of the toys they get, they play with for a few days, then toss it aside to never even touch it again. This holiday season, consider exchanging the toy gifts with something that will be both entertaining and educational. Toys and Spanish curriculum language gifts are a great gift for the child who already has everything, for many reasons.

Educational There is no question that toys and games involving Spanish curriculum for children are educational. They provide them with entertainment, while also learning the basics of another language. This secondary language can also help them with increasing their academic and social skills. According to census reports, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. With 387 million native speakers, more people on earth speak Spanish than English. The opportunities for Spanish speakers across the globe are endless!

Entertaining Even though the children are learning with their preschool Spanish lessons, they are also having fun. Most preschool Spanish lessons teach the children in fun and entertaining lessons, such as with Spanish story book sets and Spanish games. For their first 8 years, children are naturally acquiring language skills. They learn primarily through imitation, repetition, songs, and games. Younger children may not even realize they are learning.

Easier to pick up the language When children are involved in preschool Spanish lessons, they are much more likely to pick up the language easier for two reasons. Firstly, they are having fun, meaning they want to continue with the Spanish lessons and games. Secondly, their language skills are evolving at this age, making learning a second language much easier during this age period.

Between the ages 8 and 12, your child will lose the ability to hear and reproduce new sounds as they did when they were younger, making foreign language acquisition not impossible, but more difficult. Providing a child with either preschool Spanish lessons or early elementary Spanish curriculum lessons is gifting them the gift of a secondary language! You can even find homeschool Spanish lessons for the children who want to incorporate their language skills into their everyday studies.

Greater academic success What if someone told you that you could gift a successful academic career to a child? You would probably jump on the chance. Well, when children are exposed to a second language, they are also better able to pick up academic skills. They can transfer the same skills they use in the acquisition of the second language in their regular studies. Children who are exposed to language lessons early on are more likely to graduate from college and be accepted into a great college.

More employment opportunities When you gift a second language, you are also giving the child more employment opportunities in the future. Employee candidates who are bilingual are more attractive than those with only one fluent language. Employee candidates who know more than once language also have more choice as to the location of their employment, with the second language allowing them to work from any country in the world that uses their other language.

This holiday season, consider giving the special child in your life the gift of education, academic success, and employment opportunities. They will quickly forget about the toy you purchased, but will hold onto their Spanish language skills forever. They will thank you many years later, when their second language has opened up many doors for them and they are fluent in more than one language.

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