How Does Racial Bias Affect Policing?


Biased based policing training is something that ought to be taken seriously. There have been cases of racial bias policing that have led some innocent people in custody or even denied justice in totality. That is why implicit bias policing training and biased based policing training are serious matters. Police officers have the responsibility of protecting citizens. They should not harass them even when making an arrest. Unfortunately, this is not what happens often. Some police go to the extent of discriminating against citizens based on race and gender. This is something that ought to stop. There have been interventions that the police department is putting in place to help deal with such issues. Some of the interventions include fair and impartial training. This training helps equip police officers with the knowledge on how to treat citizens regardless of race or gender. There is a need for fairness at all times. It does help prevent instances of discrimination that might leave some people disadvantaged, especially the victims who find themselves in the hands of biased police. So, implicit bias police training is meant to help the police know how to properly act when arresting someone or enforcing the law. There is a need to understand why biased policing threatens people’s lives. So, it calls the police to always desist from enforcing the law selectively.

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