How Elementary Education is Shifting Priorities


It’s hard to get kids to stay interested in school. One way to get children excited about going to school is to make new school buildings that think outside of the box. Wold Architects and Engineers look at the design of modern elementary schools.

It’s not just architects and engineers that design new elementary school buildings.

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Teachers are being asked to help create spaces that promote learning. They also suggest features that are far more fun than just sitting at desks. Kids can sit on steps, see-saws, or at tables that can easily be moved around the room when needed. Walls often have circular nooks that kids can recline in to read or write.

Instead of having libraries with books and some computers, modern elementary schools now have rooms called learning commons. This is still a library, but they offer many different kinds of media. There are also stages where children can put on performances. Traditional chairs are offered, but so are pillows to sit on. Many kids prefer sitting on the floor or steps rather than chairs. The hope is that a learning commons is a place where children can learn how to think.

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