Is Tattoo Trade School Right for You?


School for piercing and tattooing

Want to become a tattoo artist, but having trouble breaking into the field? Our tattoo training school is the first step in starting your career as a tattoo or body piercing artist.

Tattoos have increased in popularity in recent years, with over 21,000 tattoo studios in the United States. Over 20% of adults in the U.S. has one or more tattoos, over half of whom are women. As this popularity and acceptance grows, many people who are passionate about tattooing are looking for new and innovative ways to develop their skills. Our program offers training in the art of tattoo and body piercing, providing students with the education and creative development they need to turn tattooing and piercing from a dream into a career.

Despite the growing popularity of tattoos, it can be very difficult these days to find a tattoo apprenticeship. Those who manage to find a mentor often spend years doing unfulfilling work before they find serious employment opportunities. Even veterans of other art schools who have joined our program in search of a more supportive environment and more professional opportunities. Our program offers a new option to those who are frustrated with this system, allowing aspiring artists to develop their skills, learn the business of running a tattoo studio, and make professional connections in the tattoo world.

With the help of our tattoo trade school, you will be able to set yourself apart from others who are just getting started in the field and jumpstart your career as a tattoo or body piercing professional with the skills and resources to work as an artist.

Already a tattoo professional? Looking for a way to expand your career? Let us help you find a tattoo removal school to extend your tattoo education!

Tattoo removal school is a natural next step for tattoo professionals looking for new ways to expand their skills. Getting a tattoo can be a big decision, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly like we hoped. With the increasing popularity of tattoos also comes some inevitable tattoo-regret; in Canada, an estimated 10% of people with tattoos express some regret about at least one tattoo decision. Training in the field of tattoo removal will allow you not only to help customers who are less than happy with their tattoos, but also to advise those thinking about a new tattoo in order to ensure that they have the best possible experience. Tattoo removal school is a great way to enrich your knowledge and expertise, as well as expand your professional options in the world of ink.

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