Middle School is a Rough Time for Everyone Tips to Make Your Child’s Experience the Best it Can Be


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Beyond a safe home and good parenting, a good education is crucial to a child’s development and success as an individual. Though you may not think primary education matters as much as middle school and high school, finding a school that excels in all three areas is key to your child’s educational experience.

The biggest issue that most parents face is whether or not to send their child to a private school or a public school. Truth be told, programs in private schools are just as rigorous as those in public high schools, and vice versa. The most noticeable difference between the two is that in a private school,you’ll be paying tuition for your child to attend. In the end, what matters most is the kind of environment that you feel is the most beneficial to your child, as well as the one where they feel the most comfortable. In most cases, the learning environment is key to mastering the learning itself.

Another noticeable difference between public and private high schools and middle schools is class sizes. Approximately 86% of private schools have a student body of less than 300 students, and that’s including the classes from freshmen to seniors. On average, private schools are about half the size of their public counterparts. This is a result not only of the number of private schools to choose from, but the population of parents who can afford to send their children there as well.

Small class sizes may seem daunting to more private people who prefer anonymity, but the truth is that smaller class sizes often allow teachers to have more one on one time with the students who wish to do so. Grades are often skewed in favor of private schools, but that does not necessarily make them any better than public schools.

Truthfully, the small class sizes simply allow teachers to better interact with their students and work on the material in a more student by student manner. This is particularly important when considering middle schools, because students are undergoing a transitional and awkward time in their lives. Being unafraid and able to spend extra time focusing on material they don’t understand will help them vastly in the long run.

Besides looking into the best school districts in your area for your child, one of the most helpful things you can do is send your child to a good preschool. Research has shown that children who attend preschool before kindergarten have an easier time socializing, as well as a better understanding and execution of school topics, particularly math and reading.

No school is without flaw, but finding the perfect school for your child is possible. Whether they’re starting out in preschool or headed to middle school, it’s never too late to get the search started!

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