Struggling to Approach Women in Bars? These Tips Are for You


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Bars and nightclubs are two of the most popular places to meet people in the United States, and why wouldn’t they be? Hot, young singles gravitate to these social watering holes, fueling a $24 billion entertainment industry, according to IBIS World.

That being said, you shouldn’t assume that approaching women and attracting women in bars is easy. More often than not, women, like men, go to a bar to have a drink and let the worries of the world roll off their shoulders. In other words, they aren’t always going to be receptive to your advances. Follow these tips on how to approach women in bars to improve your chances, but don’t assume they’re any guarantee of success.

How to Approach Women in Bars

  1. Don’t Put Her on a Pedestal
  2. As the Thought Catalog writes, you don’t need to put on a show when you approach beautiful women. Just like anybody else, beautiful women want to have good conversation, without feeling like they’re being put up on a pedestal. Strike up a conversation about the bar, tell her hair looks nice, but just remember to relax and treat her like a human being while doing so.

  3. Buying Her a Drink Doesn’t Give You Carte Blanche
  4. One of the oldest tips on how to approach women in bars is to buy them a drink. If they accept, that generally signals that they’re open to some conversation. As Sabotage Times points out, that in no way means that you have a right to touch her or assume that she’s yours for the night. As the source so aptly put it, buying her a drink doesn’t mean that you’ve bought her.

  5. Relax
  6. For, the worst thing you can do when trying to meet women in a bar is let your nerves make you act like an idiot. You could be the handsomest man on the planet, but if you act like an idiot, women are going to treat you like an idiot, immediately tossing you into the “no thank you” category. Relax, be confident, and your chances of making the right impression will greatly improve.

Remember, no amount of technique is ever going to guarantee you success with finding women, whether you’re in a bar or not. However, if you put these tips on how to approach women in bars to use, you’ll have a real shot at finding a spark. For more about this, go here.

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