Tattoo Artist School Jump Into America’s Thriving Business


Put some thought into your tattoo

Though tattoos and body piercings may seem like a product of the 20th century, they actually can be found throughout history. As early as 12,000 years ago — before the Bronze age — there is archaeological evidence in modern-day France, Portugal, and Scandinavia that suggests that humans were able to tattoo using tools. More recently, in 1846, the first professional tattoo artist immigrated to the U.S. from Germany. Nowadays, however, tattoos and body piercings cannot be more popular. And neither can tattoo apprenticeship programs.

Tattoo artist school is a novel way for ink enthusiasts to practice what they love and eventually make a living for it. In a tattoo trade school, students are trained by tattoo artist professionals that know the ins and outs of tattoo and body piercing techniques as well as the proper way to run a tattoo studio. Students will get hands-on training — quite literally — in an given tattoo training school.

As stated, now is the perfect time to enter tattoo artist school. Look at the numbers. There are approximately 21,000 tattoo studios across the country with an estimated 45 million Americans — roughly 14% of the total population — who have at least one tattoo, if not several more. Moreover, the prices of tattoos can, and do, generate a considerable amount of revenue. On average, it costs $150 an hour to draw a large tattoo, including labor costs. A tattoo studio owner, or even a tattoo artist employed by a studio, can stand to see a large clientele and eager body piercing enthusiasts just waiting to get a work of art on their bodies. There is certainly no shortage of ink lovers in the country, if not the world.

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