The Benefits of Learning Disorder Services


Children are sometimes hampered by learning disabilities which cause them to learn much slower than their peers. Despite sufficient support and an enabling environment, these children struggle to master concepts and lessons taught during learning. The video highlights telltale signs that can be used to detect children with such challenges.

Since academic success is often associated with life and career success, parents of children with learning disorders are often dismayed when their child is diagnosed. Fortunately, there are ways through which learning disorder services can help ease the learning struggles that struggling children experience.

One of the major telltale signs that a child is struggling with a learning disorder is delayed speech and language development.

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Children that exhibit this sign tend to have problems with sentence structure and limit themselves to shorter utterances. Children with learning disorders could also have problems with their fine and gross motor skills development.

Learning disorders could also be exhibited in children who find it difficult to obey or follow instructions. They could also struggle to understand basic concepts and vocabulary they’ve heard in various contexts. Preschoolers with the condition could have problems with basic literacy skills like rhyming and remembering the names of letters.

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