The Benefits, Risks, and Drawbacks of Adult Continuing Education


Adult continuing education

In the US today, having certifications and degrees is becoming more standard for all types of occupations. Many adults who have put off education in the past for various reasons are realizing the opportunities they will lose out on if they do not committed to starting or finishing an education path.

Many people in New Mexico are interested in knowing more about what they can expect from New Mexico continuing education courses at UNM. What are some benefits, risks, and drawbacks you should keep in mind if you are considering UNM continuing education?

First, the benefits to New Mexico continuing education are real. 71 percent of adults who go back to school earn a higher income, 41 percent start or expand their own company, and 65 percent are able to change to a different career or industry.

Second, before investing in adult continuing education UNM, consider how well you will be able to handle the time and monetary commitment. Even though many adults are entering higher education, only 28 percent of full time students will finish their degree, and just 5 percent of part time. The most cited issue is anxiety over expenses, with the next largest issue being worry over spending not enough time with loved ones. Education is a multilevel commitment and it is not the right choice for everyone.

Third, research indicates that having a plan that gives options for dealing with these stress sources can help New Mexico continuing education students finish their degrees successfully. Time management will be very important, and sometimes spending time with friends might mean giving up on favorite tv shows, or studying a little less one night. It also makes sense to look into what college are offering, since they often help students establish scholastic support networks.

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