The Best Education Is An Early One The Correlation Between A Good Pre-School And Future Success


What sets one school apart from the other? It’s a question many parents ask themselves, but not many come to a good answer.

One school might be closer to your home, better for the commute and saving you gas. Another, however, could boast higher performance reviews on behalf of parents and children alike. Ideally you and your child want an educational environment that provides several benefits. From heightened security to a diverse array of classes, these essential years need to be formulated with only the best in public resources. Whether it’s the top preschools in Miami that have caught your eye or art schools in summer camp, trust that you have options.

A private school might just be what you and your child need to approach the future with confidence.

An Early Education Is Essential For Adult Development

Your child’s first five to six years are some of their most important. Recent studies have found children retain the most information, and learn the quickest, during the first few years of their life. Seeking out the top preschools in Miami could very well be the deciding factor in whether or not your child goes to a top university in the future. The function of preschool is to provide your child with the basic social, language, and problem-solving skills they’ll need in the future. A well-rounded education is the best education.

A Good School Should Offer Many Well-Rounded Benefits

You shouldn’t have to choose between good security or skilled teachers. The advantages of private school include some of the most diverse options to choose from. A recent study found over 95% of all private schools back in 2011 were coeducational, with the rest all-boys and all-girls. Most private school students this same year were enrolled in kindergarten than any other year, to boot. Private schools are becoming more popular for several reasons.

Private Schools Are Gradually Becoming More Popular

Why do more parents prefer private schools over public school models? Just take a look at some of these features. The average school size in 2011 and 2012 was 150 students or less across all private schools. Where public schools can come off as overcrowded, private schools pride themselves on being smaller communities. This means more one-on-one opportunities with teachers, vital for encouraging students’ individuality.

More Teachers At Private Schools Boast Advanced Performance

What else can you expect to find at the top preschools in Miami? According to a recent study between 60% and 80% of private school teachers have an advanced degree. Couple this with smaller classroom sizes and higher testing standards and you have a recipe for success. Of the 305,000 private high school graduates back in 2010, nearly 65% of them went on to attend a four-year college. These rolling success rates are par for the course with private schools.

There Are Several Advantages Of Private Schools To Enjoy

There are more options than you can shake a stick at. You have the top preschools in Miami, designed to give your child a leg up on the competition as early as possible. You have art summer camp that can give your children a taste of adventure and cultivate their creative side. You can even make the switch from public to private during their high school years, if you’re worried about testing. Over 85% of private schools today have less than 300 students, thanks to recent statistics.

Give your child the best possible shot at success. Look into a private daycare and preschool in your area.

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