The Top Three Advantages Of Corporate Daycare


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Childcare options for anyone can be difficult to find. When finding a daycare, parents are looking for a number of things. The childcare center has to be safe and clean, with professional employees. It needs to provide a fun environment for children, hopefully involving early child education programs. But most importantly, it needs to have an atmosphere of genuine caring. With many parents struggling with the decision of whether or not to send their children to daycare — despite the fact that about 80% of children have spent some time in daycare before age four — attempting to find a daycare is not only an intimidating process, but often a long and expensive one. Childcare options for working parents are very limited, because often daycares are unable to accommodate specialized schedules. For that matter, daycares can get extremely expensive. Thing, for example, about how much time it takes you to get from home to work — you’re already spending money on gas. Factor in, then, the extra time you’ll spend driving to and from a daycare center. Take into account the high bills a daycare center will offer. Are there any good childcare options for working parents? The answer is yes, and they’ll be right under your nose. Workplace-funded childcare could be the solution to your childcare woes. Let’s look into its benefits.

1. Cost

Childcare options for working parents, as discussed above, are often expensive outright. The amount of time you spend at work contributes to what you’ll spend on childcare. Ironically, a big chunk of the paycheck you’re working for will often go to the people watching your child while you work. This is not necessarily the case with corporate childcare. Typically, a company will subsidize a corporate childcare facility. Usually, American parents are left paying for 90% of all childcare costs on their own. These childcare options for working parents eliminate much of that expense. For that matter, with onsite daycare you simply have to drive to and from work. You don’t have to worry about spending gas money and prolonging your day while getting your child to and from daycare. You simply drop them off on your way to the office. This dramatically reduces the amount you’ll spend on childcare, and makes it easier for you to focus on what you’ll use your paycheck for besides childcare.

2. Productivity

It can be difficult to focus on any task at hand when you’re separated from your child. This is especially true for parents who are being parted from their firstborn for the first time. Many find that they cannot focus at all, and this understandably lowers their productivity. When a parent is physically close to their child, they can relax and focus on work. For that matter, having a daycare center on hand makes it easier for parents to stay in touch with employees. They get a more personal experience. When parents are close to their children, they can also rush to help them in case of an emergency. This is a major advantage for parents whose children have any kind of special need. If a child is having anxiety about being parted from their parent, it also helps them to be close enough to have a check in every now and then. In general, this kind of daycare atmosphere is easier on parent and child alike.

3. Quality

Perhaps you know about this option but have hesitated over it because you imagine secretaries and receptionists caring for your children. In fact, most employers outsource this kind of daycare to professional companies. Such daycare providers are often more qualified than even the alternatives you would find outside of work. They have strict standards regarding hygiene and the level of care your child will receive. This way, your child will be able to both work and play in daycare, and with you close by. This is a rare situation with many pros, and very few cons.

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