What Can Be Done For Flatfoot Reconstruction?


Flat feet is a serious issue and does cause problems with your back, and your legs and can cause a great deal of pain as well. There are options, other than surgery, that can help you feel better all-around when it comes to your flat feet. The first, and perhaps one of the easiest methods for treatment is to get shoe inserts. This can help to shape the foot and support the arch while you are wearing shoes to help reduce strain and help with overall issues.
Another option is bracing the ankle.

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One of the issues that comes with flat feet is weak ankles and bracing the ankle can help support the foot and can help to support the back as well. If non-surgical options fail, you can also get flatfoot reconstruction. This is going to be surgery to reposition the heel bone and to help reconstruct the arch so that you have less pain, less discomfort and so that you have fewer issues overall. You can also have a tendon transfer with the heel shift to help reconstruct the tendon that does not work. A reliable surgeon or podiatrist can help you to figure out what your options are.

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