What to Expect From a Reliable Fence Installation Service


Installing a fence is an excellent method to improve curb appeal and define your property. There are several other fencing types on the market, including my personal favorite, “No Dig” fencing. Read on to understand the benefits of a No Dig privacy fence so you can determine if it’s perfect for your house.

Installing a No-Dig Privacy Fence

If you’re looking to put up a fence and still maintain your curb appeal without digging up to many holes on your yard, here are few reliable fence installation tips you need to know.

  • Use a spacing jig to get all your posts proportionally spaced equally
  • Use heavy-duty postmaster posts and drive it in deep into the ground with a multi-pro extended anvil pounder
  • Make sure you have a transition of about 6-8 inches above the ground, leaving enough with enough room to weed underneath or put your mulch down.
  • It takes about three hours from preparing the site, driving in all the posts, measuring everything with the equalizer.
  • If you’re looking for a reliable fence installation, No Dig type of fence is your best option because it’s quick, easy and painless to install. No pressure to dig up holes or use concrete for installation, you simply drive master posts into the ground.
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Lastly, when laying out the fence ensure you have the right measurements for proper alignments and nice curb appeal.

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