Why Educational Administrators are So Important


College administration

For many people, a job in higher education is a life-long dream, but these people may not have the patience or temperament to work as a teacher or counselor. With a business degree and some worthwhile experience, these people may find themselves looking at educational administration jobs. There are many different jobs in college administration, and they may vary by institution.

Almost every college has a president, who functions much like a CEO of the college. In institutions with multiple campuses, there will often be a chancellor of each campus, who answers to the president of the university. The president is in charge of determining the college’s goals and mission, as well as appearing at all events and performing various problem-solving and budgetary duties. College presidents may be elected or appointed by the Board of Trustees, and often have a political background.

Below the president is, predictably, the vice-president, also called the provost. The provost will act as president when the president is on vacation and during vacancies between presidents. Provosts are often chosen from tenured faculty, and are generally in charge of academics at the institution.

Some of the most important college administration positions are the deans. Deans are usually in charge of fundraising, policy making, and leading the faculty in their particular area. Often, deans are in charge of a school within the university, such as business or dentistry, and they tend to also be tenured faculty first.

While those are the most prestigious college administration jobs, there are many administrators who are the unsung heroes of their universities. Bursars, financial aid advisers, counselors, and other administrators all contribute to keeping the institution running smoothly. Whether they are focused on improving academics, maintaining the campus, or overseeing research, educational administration are the backbone of university life, making the entire institution better for current and future students.

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