3 Fun Ways to Get Teens Interested In Aviation


Aviation is an ever-growing industry. As the world becomes more connected, we need more pilots and aviators now more than ever. Despite the inherent allure of flying through the sky, this doesn’t mean that every child is naturally drawn toward the stars.

Without introducing your children and teens to aviation opportunities, they may never discover this incredible outlet. Without further ado, here are some of the top ways you can get your child or teen interested in aviation.

Go to an air show

Air shows are common summer activities but they can be witnessed throughout the United States all year-long. This amazing show of aerial grace is enough to inspire a sense of awe in just about anyone. If your child becomes enamored with the thought of flying, this is a good first step to introducing them to other aspects of aviation.

Encourage them to take a class

Nowadays, there is drone training for high school students everywhere you look. Drones are becoming one of the more popular forms of aviation as they increase in commercial and residential use. In fact, it’s estimated that only 6% of drones are used in the commercial sector! While this number is expected to grow as technology becomes more advanced, it’s only thanks to new innovators that will cause this business to thrive.

Luckily, there are countless training options available for high school students and teachers alike. Even though just about anyone can own a small drone, there are a few important aspects of drone flying that the average teenager simply won’t know. For example, did you know it’s illegal to fly your drone within five miles of an airport without notice? It’s thanks to drone training for high school students that future aviators are able to stay safe.

Learn more about aviation, too!

The best hobbies are those you can share with others. Before you try to get your child interested in a new topic, why not learn more about it yourself? That way, you can help answer any questions your child has as they become more interested in the topic.

After all, training to become a pilot isn’t easy. While you don’t need to pore over textbooks, having a basic understanding of flying and aviation can help your child get their feet wet in the topic.

Are you interested in learning more? CrossFlight Sky Solutions does more than just offer drone training for high school students and teachers: we offer some of the most valuable insights in the field of aviation. Contact our experts today when you want answers to your burning questions.


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