3 of the Most Famous English Majors You Never Thought Even Studied English


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If you thought getting an English degree would banish you to a fate of either being a teacher, a professor, or some other such ordinary job, you’d be wrong. Here are just a few famous folks who were English majors in college.

Sting. – Yep, Sting was an English Major. He studied the art of the English language at Northern Counties College of Education. Though he’s known for his musical endeavors, he at one time taught English, until he eventually decided to pursue music full-time. Since then, he’s gone on to receive additional honorary music degrees from Northumbria University and Berklee College of Music.

Mario Cuomo. – The former Governor of New York was actually an English major at St. John’s University. His son, Andrew Cuomo, is also now the current governor of New York. What’s also interesting about Mario is that after he earned his degree in 1953, he took a bit of time off to play minor league baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then, in 1956, he graduated first in his class at St. John’s law school.

Steven Spielberg. – If you haven’t heard of Steven Spielberg, you may want to consider changing your major from English to History. The award-winning film director studied English at California State University, Long Beach. At least, he originally studied English. Three years into his academic career there, he left to pursue a film career, taking on an unpaid internship at Universal Studios.

And you thought being an English major was a bad idea. Just look at all these people who followed their passions, and found themselves doing amazing things. Now, imagine if they hadn’t studied English. Where do you think they’d be now?

If you know of any other famous people who have surprising undergraduate degrees, feel free to share in the comments.

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