What Undergraduate Degree Is Best for Those Undecided


Masters degree

Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The 21 million enrolled college students in 2014 took this advice to heart. Studies show that those Americans who attained a four-year degree made up to 98% more per hour on average in 2013 than their non-degreed peers. In total, 83% of college degree-holders believe that their degree was a worthwhile investment in their future. College is one of the most important steps that someone can take; for new students looking for an undergraduate degree, here’s what you need to know about some of the most popular degrees.


A four-year degree
in business or a related field can teach statistics analysis, profit managing, and marketing techniques that will make graduates invaluable assets to the corporate world. Whether your interest is in marketing, sales, or accounting, a degree in business draws the attention of employers, making it one of the most successful degrees anyone can obtain. Many of those with an undergraduate degree in business go on to pursue a master of business program to help them develop and hone their business skills. The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are finishing their semesters as we speak.


The humanities include the arts, language, literature, history, social sciences, philosophy, and religious studies. Those with a thirst for knowledge and cataloguing the human experience thrive in the humanities. Up to 11% of college graduates major in history, making it one of the most popular degrees for new college students. Those with major of English report average starting salaries of $36,200, and mid-career salaries of $63,500. Those with a love of learning and an appreciation for art and culture ought to consider an undergraduate degree in humanities.


Between the natural sciences and the medical sciences, colleges are able to produce the nation’s leading researchers and scientists. Since many colleges double as research facilities, students who pursue an undergraduate degree in the sciences are working alongside actual researchers, giving them a sense of the field and the work required for that field. One of the most popular degrees is psychology, which has captured the interest of around 6% of college graduates. Many with a bachelors degree in science go on to pursue their own research interests at institutes around the globe. In addition, many colleges offer adult education programs to help everyone in the community receive the gift of an education. There is always time to change a major later, as long as you are on track a degree can too be in your future.

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