The Problem With Public School’s Special Needs Programs


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Since the 1980s, the number of infants born with autism has increased drastically. Autism affects the very way that information is processed in the brain, altering the nerve cells and how their synapses connect and organize; in effect, autism can be characterized by several social and communicative impairments supplemented with restricted or even repetitive behavior. Autism is just one of three disorders in the autism spectrum; the other two are Asperger syndrome which has no delay on the child’s cognitive and language development, and pervasive development disorder, which is for those not otherwise specified disorders that resemble autism. A child must display the symptoms of autism before they are three years old, or else it is another developmental disorder. Although the exact cause of autism is not yet known, experts are certain that autism has a strong genetic basis. Learning disabilities can look like a barrier, but special needs schools can help you and your child scale that wall and find success.

Working With Learning Disabilities

From early life, children with autism interact with others differently than most infants; they show less attention to social stimuli, smile and look at others less frequently, and respond less to their own name. By the time children with autism are in kindergarten, they are less likely than their peers to exhibit social understanding, approach others spontaneously, imitate and respond to emotions, communicate nonverbally, and take turns with others. Studies show that nearly three-quarters of children with autism exhibit unusual eating to the extent that it was formally seen as a diagnostic indication of autism. Through early behavioral or cognitive intervention, many autistic children can gain skills that last for life.

Finding a School for Children With Learning Disabilities

Although many public schools have a special needs program, due to limited funding, training, and resources less than half of those with autism have a paying job two years after graduation; this is the lowest rate of any disabled group. A school for children with learning disabilities can help your child rise to their potential with a specially tailored education plan that suits their needs. Nearly .5% to 10% of the autistic population may develop special skills or unusual abilities such as that of prodigious autistic savants like Kim Peek the “Rain Man”. Don’t let a diagnosis stand in the way of greatness, find a special needs school near you with a program as unique as your child.

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