5 Things to Look for in Summer Child Care


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As temperatures begin to rise, so do parents’ concerns about summer child care. Figuring out how to keep your children engaged in an educational, fun, and safe environment during times that school is out of session can be a real challenge. Plus, it’s a big commitment to choose a summer child care provider since on average, kids spend about 36 hours each week in childcare facilities. If you are a parent searching for the best summer child care options, keep reading to learn about the 5 most important things to look for during your search.
1) Think Academics Because more than 100 years of research points to the fact that summer break can lead to a regression in student test scores from where they were at the beginning of the summer, it is crucial to pick summer child care that will help your child stay on track. Even though the academic focus of summer child care does not have to mirror the school environment, it is good to look for a provider that prioritizes academic retention during the summer.
2) Focus on Fun It’s summer. Your children have likely been looking forward to the season since the beginning of the school year, and it’s important that they get to enjoy some fun activities. Day care activities, while ideally also educational, should be things you child will enjoy.
3) Stay on the Move Summer activities for healthy minds should also include a focus on healthy bodies. When thinking about how to find good child care, it is crucial to remember that your child needs access to opportunities for physical activity and time to spend outside during the warm summer months. If your private child care provider does not have an outdoor play area of their own, it is a good idea to make sure they still plan to regularly bring your children to a park or other outdoor space of some kind.
4) Think Small If your child is used to a private school environment, it is especially important to try to find a small summer child care provider. Since most private schools (86%) have fewer than 300 students, these students may have a difficult time adjusting to a large, chaotic day care option. Consider the type of environment your child is used to when selecting summer child care.
5) Safety First As always, you need to make sure your child will be safe while out of your care. Make sure your provider is licensed and in compliance with all day care regulations so they can safely meet your summer child care needs.
Though choosing summer child care is far from the top of most parent’s favorite activities, with a guide of what is really important to look for, finding great summer options for your children can be a little less daunting and a lot more fun.

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