Three of the Best Times to Study


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When students study for ACTs, they not only need to pour over their ACT test prep books and answer a myriad of ACT study questions, they need to do so at the right time and in the right places in order to maximize the efficiency of their college test prep review time.

Though this might sound easier said than done, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are a few of the best times and places to take ACT test prep books.

During a Cafe’s Weekend Rush.

One of the best times to get some studying done is on the weekend. With tons of free time, you can run all your errands, read your ACT test prep books, and still have time to relax and chill with your friends. Just be sure to head to a coffee shop on the weekends. Its ambiance has been proven to promote productivity, and, best of all, there’s coffee. Research shows that the dark drink’s caffeine can keep you alert, even when your ACT test prep books are about as interesting as a lawnmower repair manual.

Before Bed Time.

Instead of reading The Hunger Games before you go to bed, try picking up your ACT test prep books. When you sleep, your brain strengthens new memories, which means there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll remember what you read before bed more easily.

After a Good Little Work Out Session.

If you needed another reason to get out and exercise, consider your grades. Studies show that exercise improves the processing speed of the brain, as well as other vital cognitive abilities. Just a few laps will help you not only get more studying in, but remember more of it, too.

If you know of any other great times to get some studying done, feel free to share in the comments. For more about this, go here.

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