Three Ways to Improve Employee Productivity


Childcare options for working parents

Employee productivity is a huge priority for every business, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. Fortunately, with a few changes to your workplace and your regular routines, many experts say that you can make your business a happier, more effective way to work. Try out these ideas at your company today!

Improve the Environment
Working in a dark, dusty cubicle is more likely to distract and frustrate an employee than it is to help them focus on their workload. For this reason, a number of companies have begun changing their workplaces into healthier, more comfortable environments; Google, with its murals, ergonomic work stations and entertainment-centered break rooms, is probably the most popular example of this. If you don’t have the search engine giant’s budget, however, experts say that simply investing in good furniture and organizing the space effectively for both work and breaks can boost productivity significantly. But don’t be afraid to start small: research also shows that adding plants around the office can help improve staff health, reducing the number of sick days.

Consider Childcare in the Workplace
Today, working parents often say that finding a daycare is an increasingly difficult task, and juggling their families and careers is a common reason they might miss work or leave early. As a result, employer sponsored childcare is becoming increasingly popular: in these programs, companies either subsidize childcare assistance or create an onsite corporate daycare staffed by an independent contractor. While it might seem like a risky venture, the list of employer sponsored child care advantages is a long one: research has found that onsite childcare for employees results in increased retention, higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased employee loyalty, reduced maternity leaves and better on-the-job concentration.

Encourage Laughter, Trust and Progress
Countless studies have shown that a happy workplace results in healthier, more productive employees, providing an excellent reason to encourage some lighthearted moments or even plan a company outing to a comedy club or funny movie. However, research also shows that helping employees feel trusted and motivate themselves with their own progress can also be extremely effective: consider giving your employees a little space and time to work, but make sure they know your door is open if they ever have questions and concerns.

Are you trying to promote productivity at your company? Talk to your employees today about their workspaces, employer sponsored child care advantages and more!

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