7 Reasons Volunteering is a Such a Great Idea to Do


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Volunteering is one of those things that they call ‘good for the soul.’ There are so many different reasons why someone might sign up for volunteer opportunities either with reputable non profit organizations or churches or other places that offer volunteering opportunities. There are some motivations that are literally only about helping other people which is great but there is nothing wrong with realizing the benefits that you receive for the volunteer opportunities you participate in. Other people are not the only ones in need. Often times, when people volunteer and help a non profit, they find that needs in their own lives have been met simply by focusing on something other than their own problems. Here are a few reasons why you should take advantage of volunteer opportunities:

  1. To Feel Needed
    There’s nothing wrong with being needed. Every wants to know that they are making a difference and when you volunteer and help an organization, you feel that sense of being needed and appreciated more so than anywhere else. You can see first hand the needs of other people and it can have an impact on you.
  2. To Get Your Focus Off Yourself
    We can get so wrapped up in our own lives and problems that we fail to see the world around us. When you volunteer, you come face to face with people in much more dire situations than yourself and it helps to put things into perspective. Realizing that your life is not that bad can solve problems that didn’t even need to be issues in the first place.
  3. To Build Your Resume
    Again, not a selfish reason. Building your resume and bettering your life is always a great idea and if you can help someone in the process, then that is even better. Organizations can always use the help and building your resume is a great reason to volunteer whenever you are available.
  4. It Gives You a Day Off Work
    There are several companies that will give their workers a ‘volunteer day’ where they get the day off and go volunteer at a charity or non profit. This is such a fantastic idea because who doesn’t want a paid day off? Not that it’s really a day off because you will be helping the organization but you can usually chose who you would like to volunteer for and get involved in something you really believe in.
  5. To Make an Impact
    You may not realize it but even one day of volunteering can make a huge impact in someone’s life. You never know who you are going to meet or how you are going to be able to speak into someone’s life and help them in a way that they have never been helped before. Wanting to make an impact in someone else’s life is just about the best reason that you could volunteer.
  6. You Have Nothing to Donate
    That’s fine! You are donating your time by volunteering and that is just as helpful, if not more so. Not everyone can donate time, it’s a huge personal sacrifice to do so and if you can, it’s commendable. If you don’t have material items or money to give, volunteering is just as beneficial to helping people.
  7. Because Someone Asked You to
    This shows that you have a willing heart to serve other people. You could have said no and even if this is the one and only reason you are volunteering, it’s still a great reason. Continue to cultivate that willing desire to meet a need and you will go far in life.

Everyone’s reasons are different and unique and no one has a better motivation for volunteering than anyone else. People who run organizations that take volunteers don’t really care why someone is volunteering, they are just grateful for the hands and hearts that participate in meeting a great need in our world today. Don’t put yourself down because your reason for volunteering is seemingly selfishly motivated; be proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing that there is a bigger cause than just your own little life. Participating in volunteer opportunities is a great way to focus on the rest of the world instead of inward at our own problems.

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