Public School System Got You Down? Maybe it’s Time for a Change


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Growing up, the list of complaints against private schools was seemingly endless. From school uniforms to required participation in science fairs, children will find the smallest things to complain about. But beyond the school uniforms, there are numerous benefits to the private school system that you may not have thought about before!

The top private schools offer programs that socially, intellectually, and physically challenge students to achieve their best potential in school. One of the biggest benefits of enrolling your child in a private school is the value of the education offered. Class and school size tend to be much smaller than in public schools, which allows teachers to spend more time with students, and fosters a feeling of community and kinship in children. One of the most important things a school can offer is a sense of belonging and community for children. Not only does this encourage social behavior in children from an early age, it allows them to form lasting bonds with teachers and classmates. Early education is key to a child’s success later in life, and being in a small, attentive community can foster a greater academic potential for the future.

While the public school system often limits the amount of participation that parents can offer to the community, private schools and private preschools soften encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education and school experience. School spirit is often much higher in private schools as well, especially when parents are attending events regularly. Studies actually show that parents with one or more children in private schools are more invested in having a say and being involved in their child’s education than in public schools.

Often, top private schools list their statistics for graduation rates and other things, which makes finding the best private school easier for parents. As a parent, you want the best possible education for your child, and not every private school may be right! Some of the top private schools may not be the right fit, but rest easy knowing that there is a school that will be a perfect fit your you and your child.

If you’re worried about your child entering the public school system and missing out on the education they deserve, don’t hesitate to look into private schools! Your child deserves the best education and their best chance to shine.

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