Aquatic Ecotoxicology And What It Is


Are you interested in the ocean? There are many things we don’t understand about the ocean and how it works. Most of the unexplored world is in the ocean. The thing is though, we add pollutants to the ocean when we don’t even know what can be down there. If you are a college student studying science, and you care about these animals, then maybe you want to focus your studies on aquatic ecotoxicology.

What is ecotoxicology? It is the science of nature and how certain things negatively impact it.

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This can involve pollinator studies, residue analysis, sediment toxicity among other things. But why is this area of science important? The ocean provides us with so many things in life, that to harm it leaves a negative impact not only on the animals but on us too. Nature really is a circle of life in the sense that we feel the ramifications of our actions. So when you’re considering a career path to follow, aquatic ecotoxicology could be the path that helps to set you apart from the people who don’t care and the people who do.

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