How to Repair or Replace a Single Garage Door Panel


Have you damaged your garage door? Is the whole door damaged? If it is, you may have to replace the whole door. If it isn’t though and you’ve only managed to damage a part of the door, you can potentially replace the panel yourself.

When it comes to the cost of garage door repair, a full replacement can always be in the thousands. But saving on the cost of garage doors saves you a ton of money. If you look at your garage door, you’ll see that it can potentially be in panels.

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This is so that when you do run into a dent issue, you can look to replace one panel and get away with not spending a lot of money. If this is past the scope of work you’re comfortable doing though, it might be worth looking into eco-friendly garage door services. Finding a company that looks out for the environment is difficult, especially when sometimes, it’s much cheaper to do it the traditional way. In the long run, though it does pay off.

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