Make Attending Your University Easier with CRM for University Admissions


Nearly 14.8 million college and university students are enrolled on a full-time level. Is your university getting as many admissions as you would like? A large student body is the lifeblood of your university. Admissions and enrollment will either entice more students to stay or walk away. However, trying to convince potential students to attend your university is not always easy. This is a common problem for many universities.

An admissions and enrollment process that is inadequate will cause you to lose students whether they are new or already attending. All it takes is the inability to notify students in a timely manner of their acceptance. A large number of students tend to switch universities at a later time. You need the best CRM for higher education.

You Need Solid Admissions in Place

The best CRM for universities will track your prospects through the entire life cycle of your budding relationship. CRM for university admissions should also streamline communication efforts. Per accomplished research, you need to have a least seven different touchpoints to encourage admission. Contact needs to be reliable and frequent. That’s where CRM for university admissions fits in for better outreach.

Higher Education Admissions Software Makes a Difference

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on old software and paper? CRM for university admissions takes an otherwise laborious and manual admissions process for both universities and students and makes it more comprehensive, tailored, and mature. Plus, you are assured support and updates needed to keep your admissions process better managed.

It Takes Intuitive, User-Friendly Tools

Software solutions that are user-friendly and intuitive will keep your admission’s process flexible so you can make changes when necessary. Changes to the admission process should not be daunting. They should be easy to understand and use by all parties.

The use of self-service portals for applicants will give students a single point to apply, track progress, as well as learn more about your university. CRM for university admissions is the ideal tool that offers innovative solutions to help universities reduce the time for their application cycle too.

Unify Your Admissions Experience

Admissions offices tend to be busy. CRM for higher education is also meant to better engage applicants all while carefully streamlining management solutions for the admissions office. By taking out the manual processes, you’re giving staff more time to build lasting relationships with students.

What Makes CRM for University Admissions Software Superior?

Certain CRM solutions are better than others. What makes certain software superior when compared to others? The answer is highly scalable solutions that transform the enrollment process into a better-managed solution for recruitment, admission, as well as decision making.

Better Enrollment Management Enables More Admissions

Software created and honed by industry professionals is ready to meet the challenges that universities face today. You require CRM solutions that deliver industry-leading functionality, support, and hands-on implementation service. Request a demo of the #1 CRM platform and find out how this integrated solution can improve your university admissions.

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