Are You Considering Preschool for Your Child?


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You have probably heard plenty about the private versus public school debate — public school supporters criticize the high prices and lower number of students in private settings, while private schools blame public schools for neglecting student needs because of higher class sizes and less individual attention.

You may not be sure whether to send your child to Toronto private schools or public ones, but the choice will ultimately be yours and your child’s.

But another important thing you need to consider is preschool. The early stages of education can be critical for children. Before you send them off to public or private elementary schools, having a solid foundation may be crucial to their development.

Like anything, though, there are always different things to consider. When you look at preschool advantages versus disadvantages, you will find that the lower class sizes will be a definite plus for your child. When there is a lower student to teacher ratio, students get extra attention and are able to grasp the material at their own pace. This makes them feel more confident about the material, which can boost their performance.

You will also find that students in private schools are given many more learning options. The advantage of preschool education in a private setting is that the curriculum is often created by the staff, and can be changed to meet the needs of individual students, or an entire classroom. In a public school, there are national standards that must be met in order to pass students onto the next grade level.

There are also a few disadvantages, such as decreased time spent with your child, sick children policies, and also the chances that the preschool will be closed on holidays that you have to work.

But when you consider preschool advantages versus disadvantages, it is fairly clear that there are more benefits than drawbacks. So, it would be smart to send your child to preschool before you set him or her loose into public or private schools in Toronto. It will be his or her best chance at academic, social, and personal success. Find out more about this topic here:

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