How to Find Child Care Services for Your Children


Choosing a daycare checklist

Supporting a family is no easy feat. If you have children, finding reliable childcare options for working parents is often imperative to balancing your work with your family. However, finding a daycare that is right for you and your child can be quite difficult: after all, in a society where parents are still expected to provide most of the care for their children, there often doesn’t seem to be a clear answer to the question of how to find good daycare. Fortunately, with everything from corporate childcare to local babysitters available, it is often possible to discern the best child care solution for you and your family.

During the first few years of life, a child is capable of absorbing more information at a time than they ever will be able to again. Accordingly, on average, a 4-year-old will ask 437 questions a day. However, this period of high development is also the time when children are most likely to be involved in a form of childcare which takes place outside the home. For this reason, it is important to find childcare or daycare services that encourage your child’s development while providing the supervision and care they need.

Traditionally, childcare options for working parents will typically consist of a neighborhood babysitter or local daycare center. However, it is becoming increasingly common for employers to offer childcare in the workplace. These corporate childcare solutions are typically on-site childcare facilities that are sponsored or subsidized by companies, often exclusively for their employees children. Because employers often help parents pay for this form of childcare, corporate daycare is often a highly valued service, especially because research shows that parents usually assume about 90% of child care costs. Moreover, corporate day care providers have been shown to promote employee success: more than 80 of the companies listed in Working Mothers magazine’s “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers” offer some form of corporate childcare to their employees.

Statistics show that nearly 11 million children in the United States under the age of 5 are involved in some type of childcare arrangement every week. With the number of childcare opportunities available, it is likely that these children are enrolled in a variety of different types of day care, from babysitting to corporate childcare. However, when it comes to choosing the best childcare options for working parents, you don’t have to compromise your child’s development or your work. Talk to your employers about corporate daycare services today.

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