Getting Kids Active During the Summer


Toddler art classes

There are several summer art activities for kids. There are art classes for children as well as art birthday parties for kids. You can even find acting classes for children. Play helps develop children’s emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Play can inspire children to increase their imagination and creativity, according to research. Children should be urged to get involved in summer art activities for kids to keep them active during the summer instead of in front of a computer or TV screen.

Some of the summer art activities for kids include Mommy and Me classes. Some of these classes include Mommy and Me fitness classes and Mommy and Me music classes. These activities are great summer art activities for kids to get involved with. These activities encourage physical development and cognitive development. Mommy and Me classes offer summer art activities for kids as well as physical exercise. Children should participate in aerobic activities at least three times a week, according to the CDC, such as playground activities or dance classes. Mommy and Me classes encourage bonding between mothers and their children.

Unfortunately today in the United States, on average kids spend over seven and a half hours in front of a computer or a television screen. Children should be encouraged to get enough exercise through age appropriate activities, as recommended by the CDC. On a daily basis, only 18.5% of female children participate in physical activity, according to the CDC. According to the CDC, 34.6% of male children participate daily in physical activity.

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