Equipment Used by Excavation Companies


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Excavation is an important part of many industries. Construction contractors, plumbers, farmers, miners, and more all rely on excavation companies to get their projects started. There is a lot of equipment used – both handheld and heavy-duty. This video explains some of the most powerful vehicles used in excavation.

The first is a power shovel. The power shovel is excellent at moving most types of earth. It comes with wheels or with crawlers (tracks). The crawler-mounted power shovels have a low speed but are more stable in loose soil and other rough terrain. Wheel mounted power shovels are best for quick transportation of materials over fairly even terrain. They come in various sizes depending on the work.

Backhoes are another excavating vehicle. They usually come in smaller sizes compared to a power shovel, and work to remove material beneath the ground level. A key difference between a power shovel and a back hoe is the direction they dig. The backhoe digs towards the vehicle, while the power shovel digs away from the vehicle.

The final piece of equipment discussed is a drag line. They are much larger and dig over large areas. For more information, check out the video above.

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