How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work


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Fire suppression is an important safety feature for buildings, and most will turn to a sprinkler system. There are various sprinkler systems that operate in different ways. This video explains some of the basics behind how a sprinkler system works.

Fire sprinklers are extremely effective. Over 96 percent of fires in buildings are effectively controlled by a fire sprinkler system. They’re affordable and simple, making them a popular option for houses and commercial buildings.

The fire sprinkler is made up of a few different parts. They need a water supply and sprinkler heads. The sprinkler head is made up of a plug to block the water until it is needed, a heat-sensing glass bulb that releases the water when temperatures rise, a frame, and a sprinkler for distributing the water.

The glass bulb is an important aspect to the sprinkler head. As stated above, they are sensitive to heat and will shatter once the temperature rises enough. This releases the water. There are different types that are more or less sensitive to heat, depending on the needs of the client.

For more information on fire sprinklers, the way they work, and the different types, check out the video in the link above.

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