Four Great Art-Related Careers and Their Job Outlooks for the Future


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Forget what you know about the stereotype of the “starving artist” — some 1.4 million people visit art-related events each year, and there are plenty of professional artists and designers who are able to easily support themselves while pursuing their passions.

But when deciding which art and design colleges you want to attend, or which major to study, it’s common to worry about which major and career will lead to a lucrative salary and a comfortable lifestyle.

To help make the choice a little easier, here are four of the most exciting digital media arts jobs and their projected career outlooks for the next few years:

Computer graphic design

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual content for their clients that communicate ideas and concepts, usually via pamphlets, posters and even advertisements. In 2012, the average salary for a computer graphic designer was about $44,000, and the graphic design industry is projected to grow about 7% by 2022, meaning the field will be highly competitive for new graduates.

3D computer animation

Animators, quite simply, create animations — moving pictures — with computer software. They can work on major Hollywood films, or they can create animations for commercials and other video productions. The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that the field of computer animation will grow by 18% by 2018; the average animator earns between $44,000 and $78,000 each year.

Multimedia design

Multimedia artists create visuals and effects across a variety of different media. Typically, they are responsible for effects in TV shows and movies, along with many other things. They make approximately $61,000 each year. There will only be a 6% growth in multimedia jobs by 2022, making this a potentially difficult job field to enter.

Video game art and design

As the name implies, video game artists are responsible for the graphics and visuals for video games. The salary range for video game artists is wide and varied — you can expect to make anywhere from $31,000 to $102,00 a year. Video game design is also expected to grow about 6% by 2022.

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